Procrastination by Kisses


Yes procrastination by kisses is a thing! When you have lovey-dovey kids who have found the most effective form of manipulating their parents. Welcome to our house. This method is especially used by our 3 year old daughter. She can stall anything with “kisses” or as she pronounces it “pisses” which makes the whole method all the more irresistible!

We’ve tried to get her to pronounce it correctly and bless her little soul she really tries. Any other “K” word works but for some reason “kiss” always comes out “piss”.

The procrastinating kiss especially comes alive at bedtime. “It’s time for bed sweetie”. ” I need to give pa pisses”. Then she needs tucked in, usually three or four times. I finally have her all tucked in, her blankets just so, stuffed kitty snuggled next to her and then the kissing session begins! “Mom, I need snuggles”. I bend down and hug her tight for a long drawn out hug and start to stand up… “I didn’t get pisses” I bend down to kiss her goodnight. “I need to piss your cheek” and by cheek she of course means both cheeks at least twice. I start to stand up. “I didn’t piss your forehead”, bend down again and of course then she slips a quick kiss to my nose as well.

Then there is the daycare drop. Mornings are early, crazy and hectic with two whiny toddlers and a lolly-gagging 3rd grader in tow. By the time we’ve dropped sissy at school and are at daycare for the two littles I’m usually already at least 10 minutes late for work. Then the hugs, tears (if it’s been an especially tough morning) and kisses ensue. I give both toddlers a hug and kiss good bye and head for the door. Then my little miss kissy starts in, “I didn’t piss your cheeks” and as you can imagine the whole bedtime scenario re-enacts. Five to ten minutes of kisses later I’m able to get out the door.

Kisses and snuggles are becoming procrastination techniques more and more. They are used to try to get out of chores or anything else the toddler doesn’t find desirable!

Personally, I’m going to take these snuggles, hugs and kisses while I can because life flies by too quickly. Who cares if I’m 30 minutes late to work because of sweet little kisses or that bedtime is delayed. At least my children know they are loved and I know they love me!

One of my all time favorite quotes is: “There’s nothing worth stealing except a kiss from a sleeping baby”! I’ll procrastinate getting up in the morning for a few sleeping snuggles and to steal a few kisses off these little ones!


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