Terrible Twos? What about Three!!!

Today our youngest turns two. It’s kind of bittersweet that the baby of the family is growing up. Of course with this birthday comes the barrage of comments about the “terrible twos”! However, since he is our third child we’ve been here before and are totally convinced that whoever coined the term “terrible twos” never had a three year old!!

Well, we now have a 2 year old and a 3 year old in our house so we’re getting the best of both “terribles”!! I cannot disagree that there are some monstrous, bratty tantrums that start in the twos, but what is added at three is a whole other story.

At 3 they can now talk in full sentences. They can start to reason, manipulate and plot against you! They can outright defy you. They can say NO and defiantly stand behind their NO. They have and can express their own developed opinion. They can also love you to the moon and melt you with their sweetness.

Now they don’t just have a two second scream fit or throw themselves on the floor for a momentary tantrum (mind you I know that at two they do sometimes last longer). At three you get to argue on and on and have repeated tantrums because they keep coming back at you from another angle. When their new approach doesn’t work the tantrum ensues AGAIN.

Why does raising kids have to be so difficult. Why can’t they be those cute little melters of our heart ALL THE TIME!



One thought on “Terrible Twos? What about Three!!!

  1. Oh my gosh, crazy! Lol. I’m going through the same thing because my son turns 2 this weekend and my daughter just turned 3! Terrible twos and threenagers.

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