What I Really Feed My Kids!


It’s not “junk vs healthy” its more like a “junk AND healthy” diet. I’m tired of the “perfect mom brigade” making “real moms” feel guilty about what we feed our children. I feel like it’s all a facade. There is NO WAY you ALWAYS feed your children the perfect diet.

I’m going to come right out and level with you about how I feed my kids. Life is hectic. We don’t have time to fix gourmet organic meals three times a day. I do love to cook and I try to feed my family a “balanced” meal as often as possible but the reality is a LOT of hot dogs and Mac & Cheese! Our life has been especially busy lately as both my hubby and I are putting in 40 hour work weeks and then 35-40 hours a week renovating our new house. (this explain the long gap since my last blog entry)

mac-n-cheese   dscf3515

Every evening on the drive home I ask my kids “what do you want for dinner?” “Macaroni and cheese with hot dogs” pipes up my three year old from the back seat. It’s what they want, it’s what they’ll eat and it’s easy after long stressful days when you’re already exhausted. In all honesty, with two toddlers, I’m just happy when they actually eat.

Sometimes all our two year old will eat is hot dogs. At least I’ve upgraded them to “fancy” hot dogs instead of those skinny little tasty pieces of rubber! My kids now beg for the cheesy hot dogs. I really dislike hot dogs but I can tolerate the Better with Cheddar!


Oh sometimes we make it a well rounded meal by adding scalloped potatoes, stuffing  or broccoli with our hot dogs. 🙂 Our own “simple gourmet”!!

My kid’s breakfast consists of Cereal or Bagels. That’s all the food groups right? Whatever, they’re eating.

Snacks on the go are all beautiful, healthy and organic! That’s a LIE! The kids have a large plastic jar they keep in the back seat full of Cheez-its. Yes, Cheez-its! Ok, sometimes we mix it up with a granola bar or two. You know, those really “healthy” ones that are dipped in chocolate. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we do have healthy meals, but I’m not going to feel guilty about survival meals. Or that lately we’ve been surviving on survival meals!


“Do what you can, when you can so that when you can’t you don’t have to worry”~~ I love this motto. Don’t let all those preachy, uppity articles about “what you shouldn’t feed your kids” or the blog posts about “how perfect I feed my kids” fool you. Do what you can, at least they are eating!!


4 thoughts on “What I Really Feed My Kids!

  1. Thank you for sharing and being so honest! I am in the same boat as you, most nights I come right but other nights its chicken nuggets and chips or french toast (no veggies… the horror), other nights we do full on veggies so I like your saying of “junk AND healthy”…. I agree that its tough being a mother but even tougher in this generation with all the rules and regulations that judgmental mothers try to push onto others! Thanks

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