Driving Pet Peeves


I know we all have certain things that just “drive” us bananas while we are out and about dealing with other motorists! That one thing that just makes you want to scream at fellow drivers or just plain makes you to loose your cool! I’ve narrowed down to a few of my top bad driving pet peeves. Hope you can relate, enjoy the humor or maybe learn something! 🙂


#1. It’s called a BLINKER…. Yes, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It would be nice to know why you’re suddenly slowing way down! I just loved wasting extra time waiting at that stop sign because I thought you were going straight. It would have been nice to have a  fare warning before being cut off. You get it, USE YOUR DAMN BLINKER!!!

#2. Pull over already…. I absolutely hate it when drivers don’t pull into the passing lanes on freeways when you’re entering via the on ramp. Really, there is absolutely NO ONE in the other lane but you feel the need (or are so oblivious) to make me to come to a complete stop where the on ramp meets freeway just to let you pass? How rude of you!

#3. Are you passing? PULL OVER…. The left hand lane is called a “passing lane” for a reason. Did you not take a drivers test? What makes you think you can just putt along in the left lane at 5 below the speed limit? Or those drivers who truly are trying to pass but are still only going 2 below or right at the speed limit and ride abreast with the vehicle they are passing for half an hour. Speed it up and get around or slow down and pull over. Don’t be a lane hog!

#4. Yield means nearly stop OR completely stop when necessary…. It does not mean, don’t look and plow through because the person with the right of way will watch out for you. No, you don’t look and see there’s 1-2 car lengths before the car with the right away comes and goose it cutting them off. Wait your turn!

#5. Break again, you’ve sped up to 15 under…… Seriously frustrating on 2 lane highways. I hate getting stuck behind that driver who is driving between 35-45 in a 55mph speed zone. There are no hindering weather conditions but they still drive this slow. I am especially perturbed by their constant need to ride the break. It’s not even a corner but God forbid their speed has might have gone up 1 or 2 mph so they hit that break AGAIN! We’re going so dang slow there is NO NEED TO BREAK. Heck, now I need to break just to keep from running them over. What the heck. Speed it up, driving to slow is also dangerous.

#6. Careless Motorcyclists…. Driving around motorcyclists just scares me. Or more so I am scared for them. They have no safety barrier. How much more so when they drive carelessly. Do you really feel the need to tail gate me? Or drive dangerously fast? I’m always afraid they are going to wreck right in front of me and I’ll hit them. Do they have a death wish?

#7. Cops on Cells…. Really? With all the cell phone while driving laws why does it seem that cops are “above the law” for this rule? Almost every time I see a cop driving around they are chatting away on their cell phone. You know they have radios for dispatch so if they are on their cell phone they truly are chatting… plain and simple. Get off your phone and do your job. Or if you have an important call… PULL OVER like everyone else!

#8. Inattentive driving… Pay attention while you’re behind the wheel. Get off your phone, don’t do your make up, don’t send that text. Have your navigation system lined up before you take the vehicle out of park. I know it is inevitable that you may cross that double yellow line from time to time but by all means correct your self as soon as possible and definitely if you see an oncoming vehicle. Why should that oncoming vehicle need to go on the shoulder to give way for you in their lane?? They shouldn’t, maintain your own lane. Drive with prudent speeds and always pay attention.

End of rant! Did I miss one of your pet peeves? What really gets to you?


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