Fishing with Toddlers


We are not a family of fishermen but this summer our girls ages 8 and 3 kept asking us to take them and their little brother (20 months) fishing. Our second daughter turned 3 in July so we bought her one of those toddler fishing poles for her birthday.

After work one day we all met at the local fishing pond to try our luck. Well as you can likely imagine chaos ensued! Ever tried managing three little kids and their fishing poles along a very rocky waters edge? Our two toddlers were especially difficult but I can’t really say the eight year old was much easier. The constant need for help with casting, getting her hook stuck, and nearly slipping into the water numerous times because she couldn’t stay in one place.

Fishing requires patience! Patience is practically nil in small children. They are constantly moving. Fishing requires you to sit still and wait. Wait, what is wait? I have three impatient children they don’t understand that word!

The 8 year old’s hook is stuck again. The two toddlers are fighting over a fishing rod and almost fall in. Mom is untangling two lines which got twisted together. Dads fishing a hook out of the weeds. Oh look at all the tiny fish swimming around the bait… yeah.. they’re too little to even bite the hook but they mesmerize the children.

We last about an hour. Everyone is frustrated. We give up. No fish today, except those tiny little buggers swimming all around the ends of the rod the kids are sticking down in the water. Yes, the whole tip of the rod is in the water. What else do you expect from a tiny little creature!

Needlessย  to say, summer passed and we didn’t try again. The kids never asked again either. There’s always next year! Maybe we’ll be better prepared for our next fishing adventure! ๐Ÿ™‚


17 thoughts on “Fishing with Toddlers

  1. I agree with you about fishing with toddlers. We got a fishing rod for our 6 year old son last year but haven’t tried going fishing yet. The thought of it sounds pretty scary. I’m not very patience either so that’s not going to help. Hopefully, next summer!

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  2. Fishing is already challenging for the adults what more with the kids! I think it’s great that you still tried though, you made memories with the kids as well. Who knows, maybe they’ll like it when they’re a little older.

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  3. You do have to have tons of patience to go fishing with small children because they cannot stay still. Even though it’s hard to do a lot of things with small children, the memories is what counts and is priceless because they grow up so quickly.

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