7 Types of Friends


We all interact with different types of people every day. Some will just be strangers, some  acquaintances and others will become “friends”. I use the term friend rather loosely because there are many categories into which a said “friend” could fall! I have narrowed it down to 7 categories with which I’m sure we can all relate! Keep in mind that said “friends” may fall into a couple of categories (IE: your bestie may sometimes be a flake or may also fall into the “low-maintenance or historical categories).

  1. The Bestie: Almost everyone has that special someone who is always there for you no mater what changes in your life. This is someone close to you. You love them and spend lots of time together. They’re your “partner in crime” and you probably share intimate life details. This would be a “long-term” friendship. They could be a friend or for some your significant other!
  2. Social: You’ve become friends merely because of  related topics in life. You hang out because your kids are classmates, friends or teammates. You’re friendly because you go to the same gym or other activities. You may work together and begin socializing because work events throw you together.
  3. Superficial: You don’t actually spend time together but they act like your best friend when you see them in a public place. The superficial friend is more of an acquaintance who’s pretending there’s more going on!
  4. The Flake: These friends are always late and usually unreliable.They rarely follow through with plans, or they may continually cancel plans. Many times it seems that they make excuses and cancel plans just because “something better” came up.
  5. Historical: You’re friends because your families were friends while you were growing up. You were friends all through your school years. The bonds you made when you were younger have tied you together over many years.
  6. Low-Maintenance: These friendships are typically long distance. You may have been besties (and still are when you’re together) but life, circumstances or distance have separated you. When you do get to see each other the friendship always picks up where you left off. You can continue this level of friendship without having to constantly be calling, texting or spending time together.
  7. Online: These are the friends you have met through your network online. You support each other and can develop friendships on a casual level but will most likely never meet in person!

Any “friend” could change “type” at anytime throughout your “friendship. You may spend enough time with a “social” friend that they soon become a “bestie”! I’m sure there are still many other types we could add into this list. I tried to stay away from categorizing the friends by personal characteristics, (IE: the quiet one, the loud-mouthed, the ring-leader, the gossiper, etc) and base the list more on the characteristic of the actual “friendship”.


8 thoughts on “7 Types of Friends

  1. Such a true list!!!! I have one particular friend though who is a little from every column… I’ve know her for so long, she was my bestie, she is always flaky, but is completely low maintenance hahaha!

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