LuLaRue Selfie


Okay, I know this will ruffle some feathers since Lula Rue has recently taken a lot of mom’s by storm, but please don’t get your panties in a bunch! Or, maybe it’s best to say “don’t get your leggings in a bunch”!!!! HAHA, I’m on a roll today!

I’m very happy for you that you’ve found a line of clothing that works for you and you consider yourself comfortable. Although we know the bright, dramatic patterns on your leggings is just a phase. This too shall pass! Remember last year when the big phase was the Jam berry Nails? You hardly hear of them anymore and I feel that the Lula Rue phase will be similar.

My biggest issue is the Lula Rue Selfie. Since when did it become the fad to flood your friends news feed with a daily picture of what you’re wearing along with a detailed description. I really don’t care what color your leggings are today. Or that you can wear your dress both frontwards and backwards. You don’t see anyone else posting a daily diary of what they bought from Macy’s, Ross or Target. Your clothes are no more special. Do you think you’re better for shopping Lula Rue?

Do we care that you just received yet another package containing your most recent purchase? No, not really. Follow up with an immediate selfie modeling session. Yeah, really don’t care! I just got my Walmart shipment with the kid’s new super cute pajamas and I’m not posting pictures! You really think we want to see more of this?


Yeah, you’re getting the point! Stay warm, stay comfortable but I don’t care what you’re wearing. I’ll still love you!


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