DO NOT CALL, Period!!!


I am sick and tired of being hounded by annoying phone calls. What a bunch of bull. Telemarketers, surveyors, follow up surveys, scams, why won’t they just leave me the hell alone? I’ve tried the ‘National Do Not Call Registry’ numerous times. I think that’s just a bogus trick to “GET” your phone number on even more lists. It never stops or even reduces the amount of calls.

We currently live out of cellular services so we have a landline. It’s the worst. When that phone rings it disturbs the whole house. You can’t remember to mute your home phone and if you turn the volume way down you’ll never hear the important calls….. if you ever get one! I can NOT wait until we move into cell service soon and I can disconnect this dang landline.

I get calls from people with foreign accents claiming to be the FBI or IRS saying I’m going to be arrested for tax errors/evasion or some other odd crime. I get calls from all kinds of “surveyors’. If you’re going to bother me to take your damn survey you better be paying me! “No, this is not a convenient time.” For crying out loud if I say it’s not a convenient time do you think I want to stay on the phone another five minutes to hear what its all about and “re-schedule” a convenient time?? Hell no, CLICK!

Political surveys, medical surveys, environmental surveys, transportation surveys… Ok who has a secret vendetta against me and gave out my number? Now the hospitals and Doctor’s offices are giving out your phone numbers after your visit so you can be hounded by surveys about how you felt about your visit. Just send me a damn paper, I’ll fill it out and return it if and  when it’s convenient. Don’t call my house 5 times a day and then when I’m never there to answer start calling at dinner and bed time when I’m fighting that battle with my three kids. You can hear the kids screaming in the back ground, and you really have to ask “is this a good time??”

I am writing this while at work and guess what, my office phone just rang with yet another ‘survey’. Really, why do they think its okay to call workplaces? I’m working, I don’t need to stop what I’m doing every 5 minutes to deal with these kinds of calls. It’s the credit card processing people that really bug me at work. I get at least 2 a day. Do you think I want to change merchant services daily? NO, and please accept that NO means NO. I do NOT want your ‘quote’!

They don’t stop with the landline. They now hound you on your cell phone. It used to be illegal to call cell phones with these kind of calls. I guess that law has ‘gone with the wind’. The nice thing about the cell phone is you can usually remember to mute it or tuck it away when your busy so that it won’t disturb work, dinner or bedtime. The cell phone also has this awesome feature called “block caller”! Ha, you got schooled! You’ll have to get another number to start hounding me again. Don’t bother, I’ll block you again!

My most abhorred calls are the ‘pre-recorded’ calls. These just infuriate me. I can’t even ask to be remove from their list. I can’t even yell at them to “stop calling”. Well, technically I can yell at them but the satisfaction of being heard is missing!

So here’s to you, you unwanted callers! LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!






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