Puffin Rock


My kids and I are absolutely in love with this Netflix Original show! We do not have TV services so we rely on our Netflix account. I am super picky about the cartoons my kids watch. I am NOT a Jap-animation type cartoon fan. I feel that the characters usually have bad attitudes and whiny annoying voices!

I am a huge PBS kids fan, so you can imagine my dismay when Netflix lost their contract for PBS kids shows this summer. Huge Boo Factor!! When those shows were removed our kid’s Queue was majorly lacking. We had to set out to find some replacements.

Somehow, my eight year old found Puffin Rock and we are all smitten. We’ve watched both season 1 and season 2 and are now starting over! The sweet little adventures of baby puffin Baba (often referred to as Baba Boo!) and the slightly older sister Oona along with Mossy the shrew, Silky the seal, Otto the owl, Bernie the crab and Flynne the fox have captured our hearts. The relaxing music and sweet little voices of the characters have made this a great ‘calm down before bed’ show! Our 1 year old squeals with excitement saying “BAABAA BOO” when we start and episode!

We highly recommend that you check it out and if you know of any awesome gems like this we may have missed, by all means please share with us!!!! We would love to hear what you’ve found to fill the gap for all those awesome PBS shows!

You can check out a trailer for Puffin Rock here:


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