Help, I Swallowed a Bee!!


Yes, it really happened, and what a scary experience! Here is a recap of how my Sunday went down!

The hubby is out of town on a work trip. The kids and I are on our own at our rural home. We live about 11 miles from the nearest small town. I spent this hot summer day attacking a large lot of Zucchini, which meant hours over a hot oven! Finally, with the counters covered in goodies, I mix myself a tasty beverage and head out doors to relax with the children. The kids are playing in the yard and taking turns sitting on my lap. Every time one of them climbs into my lap, I set my drink down in the grass. I was using a mason style mug similar to these with a dark straw. So I was properly prepared for outdoors, right??


I guess not! I pick up my glass and take a good swig. Suddenly, I feel something very sharp hit the back of my throat. I instantly think that the ice had melted down and a sharp little piece was lodged in my throat. I try clearing my throat and spitting. It hurts worse. I run inside, put my head under the facet and start drinking and gargling hot water thinking it would melt the ice.

That’s when the swelling started. I began to panic. The pain is immense. I start to vomit. The swelling continues. I panic more. I vomit more. I then realize this was NOT a piece of ice but I had somehow swallowed a bee or a wasp and had been stung in the back of my throat. The sting impact was where the bottom of your tonsil would be located. I then realize I’m having trouble breathing. ( I don’t know if this was due to the swelling or the panic attack) I realize that my throat could swell shut and I could pass out. I panic more! I vomit more! I’m 11 miles from the hospital. Will my throat swell shut? Should I go to the ER? Will I be able to drive? If I drive will I pass out and wreck with my kids in the car? What if I pass out at home with three little kids? I tell my eight year old who was watching me and now starting to panic herself, “If mommy passes out you call 911 right away okay”!

I then call my parents who were already on their way from a town about an hour away. I ask them how close they are. They say about 45 minutes out. My mom suggests I take some Benadryl and call a neighbor to come stay with me until they could arrive. Great idea, in my panic I hadn’t thought of that. By now my throat is so swollen I couldn’t swallow a pill but I realize I have children’s liquid Benadryl on hand and take an adult size dose. I call my neighbor who lives about a mile away and she arrived shortly. By the time she arrived the Benadryl seemed to be kicking in and just having another adult there gave me a little peace of mind. I am still having trouble breathing and vomiting on and off. I decide to get an ice pack and hold it against the outside of my throat. This helps some. My nerves start to calm.

I then do the inevitable. I google ‘stung in throat’. Everything I read about swelling or something in the throat says “go to the ER”. My parents arrive, by now I’m calmer but still very swollen and in a lot of pain. I decide to be on the safe side and go to ER. Mom stays with the kids and dad drives me to the nearest hospital.

Upon arrival, they take my vitals. My blood pressure, which is normally about 118 over 60, was elevated to 155 over 108. Sky high for me! The Dr. looked down my throat a couple times but couldn’t see a stinger. He said it was very swollen but that if I kept taking the Benadryl and using ice like I had been doing I would be okay. They kept me in ER until my BP dropped to 130 and then let me go. Even though they couldn’t do anything for me it gave me peace of mind to finally relax. Well, relax as much as I could considering the pain and stress of the evening!

I continued with Benadryl and ice through the night. That first night it felt like I had a razor blade stuck in my throat. By the next morning the pain was ‘reduced’ to feeling like a horrible case of strep throat. Now, on the third day, I feel like I have a mild sore throat, although swallowing is still painful!

I hope you NEVER have to experience the pain of being stung inside your throat! So glad everything worked out and that this ordeal is OVER!


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