Stand up vs. Stood up


Yes, there is a huge different between the two when it comes to describing people. What the heck is wrong with society today? Where have all the “stand up” people gone? Especially in this digital world, why the hell is it so hard for people to keep their word or at least communicate. Send a damn text message for crying out loud!

A “Stand up Person” is upright and loyal to friends (people) and beliefs. This term is also used to describe some comedians which of course we all love a little comedy, right? Stand up is positive and what we definitely want to see A LOT MORE!

To be “Stood up” by a person just outright sucks. What kind of people do that to someone? I totally get that sometimes you just plain forget but “standing people up” just seems to be a trend in today’s society. Typically, the term stood up is used when someone is a no call/no show to a date. That’s just rude. If you didn’t want to go on the date just say “NO” in the first place. Standing people up is becoming a little more wide spread term with how life is changing! Friends stand friends up. Work, interviews, and appointments are stood up. Now with all the online sales (ie Craigslist, Facebook sales etc) there are people getting stood up daily!

I personally was stood up for “sales” twice last weekend. People contacted me wanting something I was selling. We arranged a time that they “said” worked for them. That time came and went. No call, no text, no nothing. The first person I texted about 2 hours after they were supposed to come and asked if they were still planning to come pick up the “free” item. I got a text message back that said “I don’t have a car, that’s all”! What the heck kind of answer is that? Are you coming or not? Do you still want the item or not? Are you looking for a dang ride or not? Why the hell did you tell me this time worked for you when you KNEW you didn’t have a ride? The second person never showed up and never used any method to contact me either. I just left it alone. I still haven’t heard from them to this day. How rude and wasteful of my time. Why do people think this is acceptable? No wonder our society is going to ****.

Slightly off subject, but I still feel it’s a form of being stood up is NOT answering people about plans. My daughter’s birthday was last month and we were planning to go play at the river. She has a little friend she’s made from local activities. I am not friends with the mother but I thought what the heck, I’d invite them because it would make my daughter happy! I sent the mother a Facebook message (which she immediately read)! Ha, you cant hide from the notifications of Facebook. You can’t tell me you “didn’t get the message” or “didn’t see the message” when Facebook plainly says when messages have been “seen”! She never answered me. Never said “Sorry, we have other plans.” Thank God I never told my daughter that I’d invited her friend so she didn’t have to deal with the disappointment. This is just one example of this form of “being stood up” that I’ve experienced. This is totally inconsiderate.

I’m sure you have at one time or another been frustrated or had your feelings hurt by similar experiences. Or if you’re the one not showing up and not communicating, knock it off already and try being a “stand up person” for once!



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