Toddler Chaos


This saying about sums up the chaos of living in a house with three children, two of which are toddlers! My daughters are eight and three and my son is 20 months. The following are a few of the obstacles they have presented me with in the last 18 hours!

Every 15 minutes (except while she was sleeping at night) my eight year old is interjecting a ” Mom, can I have….” Mom, can I (interject whatever she wants to do at the moment)”.

Sat 6pm: Daughter #2 busy playing outside runs in the house to use the bathroom. I hear crying and go in to investigate. She’s standing on the stool in front of the toilet with pee EVERYWHERE. I guess we played outside a little too long and could only make it to the to the toilet but not on the toilet. Clothes and carpet off to the laundry and toddler to the tub.

7 pm: Daughter #2 is eating Mac and Cheese with Ketchup. She is left at the table alone for 2 minutes. I’m ten feet away in the living room and still she manages to pour out 1/3 of a Costco size ketchup. Her bowl is full, her hands are covered and she’s proceeding to “finger paint” the kitchen table and her clothes. Clothes off to laundry and toddler to the tub.

3am: Son wakes up crying. I go to check on him and find his diaper has flooded out his entire bed. Get him up, change his diaper and clothes then strip his entire bed. There’s a whole extra load of laundry for the morning. To tired to deal with re-making the bed at this hour he’s off to sleep with mom and dad which also mean feet in my face the rest of the night!

8am: I’m cooking breakfast and hear a blood curdling scream from the living room. Daughter #2 is laying on top of my son. He’s screaming. I ask her what happened. She calmly states “I bit bro bro”. Say what? “Off to your room, you go sit on your bed”. Snuggle brother until he quits crying and examine his tooth marked thumb 😦

9 am: Son is squealing in the living room. Look over to see that load of laundry I’d just folded now strewn all over the floor. Refold laundry and put away immediately!

10:30 am: Son is throwing a tempter tantrum and throws his sippy cup across the kitchen. It bursts open and spills everywhere. Thankfully it was just water so a few kitchen towels soak it up and off to the laundry they go.

Noon: I’m just starting to mop the kitchen. Daughter #2 comes in, “Mom, the toilet’s not working”. I go to investigate and find the toilet has a large wad of toilet paper at the bottom and is over flowing all over the bathroom floor. What the heck happened to the ‘three square rule’? It takes 4 large bath towels to soak up the water. Towels off to the laundry.

12:30 pm: Who cares what time it is, I need a drink. Go to kitchen. What the heck my vodka is empty (at least there’s enough for one drink!). Yeah, that too is probably the result of all this chaos!

All day I’ve been trying to catch up on laundry. I swear the kids are making it faster then I can wash. My load count has doubled and possibly my drink, but I’ll never tell. I’m off to change the laundry. Happy cleaning!


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