My Musical Lap


We’ve all played musical chairs, or you’ve at least heard of it right? Well lately it’s dawned on me that my kids play Musical Lap and they don’t even need music. I love that my lap is never empty. Although, sometimes I do need a few minutes alone in my bubble!

My kids beg to snuggle in my lap from the minute they wake up. I feel so guilty on mornings when we are all rushing out the door to get to school, work and daycare. I hope they truly know I’d much rather be snuggled up in my recliner with them all tucked into their corner of my lap then rushing out the door.

Having three kids and being small in stature I sometimes feel I’m drowning in children. There really isn’t that much room on my lap, especially as they continue to grow! It seems the littlest always gets first pick but the minute he slips down to play you can bet the lap vultures are lurking about ready to pounce!

Our middle child turned three last month and I swear she’s the biggest lap addict of all my children. She’s always telling me to sit down so she can “snuggle”. Even our eight year old anxiously awaits her turn in my lap, even thought she’s nearly as big as me!

Although, mommy hood can be very overwhelming and discouraging at times, their little snuggles, smiles and loves make up for the bad days! I honestly dread the day my lap is empty!


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