The Dirty Spoon


What the heck is with all the food pics on Facebook these days. Do you honestly think we care what you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner or some random snack? No, not really! Okay, I can understand an urge to want to share something that is beautifully presented or out of the ordinary, but please be sparing in your sharing! 🙂

The absolute worst are the half eaten pictures. They literally make my skin crawl. I can just envision your slimy slobber all over that fork or spoon laying there in the middle of a sloppy half eaten plate. Do we want to see your giant bites out of a donut? Who really wants to see a slobbery half eaten burger, or bones left on a plate that have been thoroughly picked over? Gross, really!

I also really don’t care how healthy you are eating. Here ya go, pat on your back for that deliciously gross smoothly concoction you have laid out in front of your blender, or half drank in your glass. Slurped smoothy mess all over a glass is just what I love to see in my news feed. Hold your horses, you’re eating salad. We’ll that’s just great. So are a millions of other people in the world today and we don’t have to see spit all over their fork!

Do us all a favor. Next time you’re impressed to snap and share what’s already half down your throat, DON’T! Hold off on the food pics!


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