One Sip of Hot Coffee


Will I ever get to drink my coffee in its original state again? The busyness of wife and mommy hood has daily effected our delicious coffee consumption! We all have our own special way of drinking our coffee. You know how it goes, some like it hot, some like it cold some like it in the pot…. well hopefully not 9 days old! 🙂 If you’re a cold coffee drinker maybe you deal with the ice melting and watering it down before you get to finish your beverage of choice! Personally, I like hot pot brewed coffee!

These days it seems I only get that first sip hot and then the rest is consumed lukewarm or cold. 😦 I’ve gotten used to consuming coffee this way as I’m not about to pour it out and start over since we all know the same thing is just going to happen again! Plus, I’m just to frugal to be that wasteful! I love my kids, love my life and must learn to love my coffee cold!

I’ve tried lots of combinations but have narrowed it down to one I like in the coffee division! I’m currently hooked on Cafe Pacori’s Wood Roasted blends! Especially their French Roast!  I then top this off with International Delight’s Cold Stone Sweet Cream coffee creamer

I have tried so many flavors and brands of creamer but always come back to the Cold Stone Sweet Cream. Guess what, it still goes down smoothly when you don’t get the chance to finish it HOT!


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