River Rant


We all wonder about kids these days, but what about their parents? Oh my! I recently took my kids to a local park on the river so they could play in the sand and water. I was rather disgusted by some issues I encountered concerning parents not supervising their children.

When I take my kids to the beach I always make sure to bring along a few sand toys so they can entertain themselves through constructing structures!  I always teach my children to share and try to play nicely with others, but I have a hard time when other children are just rude and pushy. Every time we go to the beach and pull out the toys kids swarm around like bees on honey and that’s fine, the more the merrier right? I just have a hard time when the kids come up and just start grabbing my kids toys without even asking. I’m standing right there watching and they don’t ask me either. They know they belong to me and my kids but have no respect for us or our toys. The last time we were there my mother-in-law brought each of my daughters a new little sand set. She sat down in the sand and was opening the net wrapping on the sets when some kids came up and just started grabbing the new toys as fast as she opened them. Really? My girls didn’t even get a chance to play with the obvious new toys before others just come, grab and claim. We tried our best to keep track of “our” toys but by end of the day some came up missing. Of course, there were also NO other adults around to supervise these children who were no older then six years old.

On to the second part of this rant. The parents were all up at the party picnic areas and not supervising their kids. I am always right down in the water with my kids, even if they have life jackets on. Accidents can happen so quickly and unexpectedly. The whole time I’m down at the water there were kids unsupervised swimming, playing in the water and of course absconding with my kids beach toys! There were kids as young as 2 years old down at the water with no supervision and NO life preservers of any kind. What are these parents thinking? Do they not care about the safety of their children? Or are they thinking, “that lady is down there and will watch my kids”? Of course I’m going to rescue a kid in trouble but what kind of adults just assume that their kids are my responsibility?

Later in the afternoon the parents of one 2 year old did come down to a picnic table about 3o feet from the beach. Do you think they paid attention to their little one then? No! They had a friend with them and they ALL sat/stood at the picnic table with their backs to the river. Thank God no accidents happened that day and I pray never will for these poor small unsupervised children. At what point is it proper so say something? Do we call parents out on not supervising? I am so happy when I do see other parents take responsibility for their children’s behavior and safety. Thank you to you parents who do supervise and if you’re a parent who doesn’t…. step it up!




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