Self Check Boycott


I don’t know about you but I personally hate self checkout lines. I can kind of understand the convenience of why some would choose this form of checkout but I have my opinionated reasons for why I choose to boycott self check.

First and foremost is job security. Why, when there are so many people needing jobs would we choose another method of cutting out jobs? I will choose to wait in line an extra 5 minutes in order to support an actual person doing a job. Plus, if something gets wrung up wrong or sale prices aren’t applied it’s a whole lot easier to have an actual cashier fix the problem the argue with a machine, or “wait for assistance”.

Second, self checks are NOT convenient when you have young children in tow. How the heck are you supposed to concentrate on ringing up items when kids are distracting you, trying to “help” or getting in the way?? That’s what the dang cashier is for, to do the job while you concentrate on the kids.

Ever bought booze at the self check? How convenient is it that you “can not” really self check that six pack you just wanted to grab really quick. Again with the “please wait for assistance” while some self check “attendant who is standing around the customer service desk stops their gossiping” finally comes to check your ID.

Lets not even start on the annoyance of the robotic self check voice that doesn’t even seem to know what point of the check out process you are currently undergoing.

I know this may ruffle some feathers but I frankly don’t care! I know there are those of you out there who secretly or blatantly agree with me! 🙂


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