Just Let Me Poop

mom is pooping.png

It is not until you become a mom that these words flow more freely from our mouths then we ever thought possible. Why is it so hard for little ones to give us a few minutes of peace. I swear the kids can be playing ever so intently but the minute I sit down on the toilet, boom, it’s party in the bathroom! Let’s whine and cry at mom! Let’s get into everything in the bathroom we know we shouldn’t touch. Lets move step stools all around the bathroom and especially try to set them down on mom’s toes! Let’s insist it is time to sit on mommy’s lap.

Why oh why can’t we just have a moment of peace! I’ve started actually “shutting” the door to try to wean them off of this bathroom time dependency. It’s not working! For starters they now stand out side the door whining and crying and of course banging on the door. My 8 year old daughter can’t tolerate her younger siblings in this predicament and has taken it upon herself to “open the dang door” for them! What the heck……

We try to have a “no locked door” policy in our house but maybe it’s time for mommy to start breaking her own rules? I’m going to try to plug on and try to avoid those measures as long as I can!

Moms, I know this is how it is for all of us and that you can relate! Soon they will grow and we will miss their little voices and smiles! Cheers to another day and NOT pooping in peace!




One thought on “Just Let Me Poop

  1. I remember my 3 little girls lined up on the tub to have girl talk while I pottied. Little brother sat outside the door whining, “It,s not fair!, It’s not fair!” I think today he is thankful he didn’t have entry!


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