Pokemon Go Away!

We’ve all been hearing of the newest craze, but if your anything like me it may have taken a while. Yes, I was one of the poor deprived people who actually googled “what the hell is Pokemon go”! We live in a very rural area so we don’t see the commercializing in the stores. We also do not have any TV service, (Netflix is our friend!) so we are not bombarded with commercials for all the newest fads, devices, etc. I became aware of Pokemon Go when my Facebook news feed started blowing up with Pokemon posts.

I really don’t get the craze. For starters, I have never been a fan of Jap-animation type cartoons. I find them a little creepy and noneducational.  Life is so busy as it is that now we need to intertwine an alter life into the middle of all this hecticness? Especially in adults? Grow up people! I can understand that parents are happy to have a game that actually gets their kids off their butts and somewhat active, BUT what happened to good old chores and other outdoor summer activities? When did it become so accepted that gadgets and games control our existence? They have their time and place, but this is totally out of control!

I saw this meme posted on Facebook the other day and as a mother of two children under 3 it made total sense and also gave me a chuckle!


My husband and I were running some errands the other day and I found some stickers my daughter had left in the truck from an activity she had attended. The baby started destroying her project and I started randomly piecing them them together. Oh look I caught my own Pokemon creature!


Anyway, enough said, rant over! Go out side and play real games. Go swimming. Let’s practicing interacting with each other in real life and avoid this alter life craze!




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